I think a lot of the people behind the PPACA are really for a “Single Payer” system.  So am I.  Of course I believe the single payer should be the same single payer who makes the utility payment, car payment, TV purchase and food purchase.  

Even in the ultra regulated insurance market there exists a path to allow all of us to pay for routine care, accumulate the wealth required for more expensive procedures, purchase the catastrophic protection required for the $50K+ claims and not have to spend 30% of our take home for “insurance” that covers items that are easily budget-able.

The 60 years of 3rd party payment have brought us where we are today and it is unsustainable.  Stop arguing about whether your boss or your neighbor should pay for your health care expenses.  Let’s debate who the Single Payer should be – the individual/consumer or the federal government.

Just keep in mind that when someone else pays they bills they get to set the limits.